Tuesday, February 22, 2011

36.5 week check-in

Yes, I've been blogging about this pregnancy almost exclusively... can you tell what has been on my mind?

Today I am 36 weeks and 5 days. In the last week, the heaviness has finally set in. I am uncomfortable, tired, and... more tired. I get about an hour of energy a day, and once it's gone, it's a struggle to finish everything else. Of course, as the nesting instincts are taking hold, my to-do list grows exponentially, and as the energy is diminishing, it doesn't help. :)

I had a doctor appointment today. At one point I was having Dr appts on Thursdays, the day the "week" changes, but over time they've meandered to Tuesdays. So it's kind of weird, but I try to think of Tuesdays as my "Almost ___ weeks" days to make the doctor appointments easier. Sound strange? Today was my "Almost 37 weeks" appointment. After the check, I am still dilated to a 1, but "effaced quite a bit more" (Doctor Clark's words, not mine). He didn't give me an actual percentage, so I'm going to arbitrarily assign myself 50% effaced. Then, he explained the process of stripping membranes (not as scary as it sounds)/the good it can do, even if it doesn't put me in labor immediately; and also told me I could elect to be induced after 39 weeks, or I could wait all the way to 41. Considering Cody has requested a week off of work right around my due-date, I hope to take advantage of that. I personally am shooting for around March 14. Wouldn't that be ideal? :)

I do, however, feel much less stressed and frustrated this time around. I am fully expecting another induction and another overdue baby. Every check so far has been with no expectations or hopes whatsoever, which keeps me calmer. With Annalisa, I was praying so hard to go into natural labor, that I just made myself depressed. With this little one, I am reassuring myself constantly that the baby is healthy and the labor will progress well, whether or not it starts naturally.

I think our little girl has descended a bit. I have pressure and lower back pain a lot, which often makes it very hard to walk. So, I sit a lot at the computer or on the bed. Mommy's prerogative. ;)

And that's pretty much where we're at! I have a baby "sprinkle" on Saturday. I am mega excited! (By the way, if you would like an invite and didn't receive one, let me know.)

Delivery minus approximately 3 weeks. Less than a month. Woot!

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Correction - 36.7 weeks. :)