Monday, February 7, 2011

From the house of germs

I am writing this while waiting for the pharmacy to open. So that is why it is long and rambling.

After enjoying many many mostly-sick-free months, the bug has finally bitten our house. Lee's rhinovirus congested his ears and got infected, and now Cody has the flu. This morning Anna's nose was pretty crusty, but other than a runny nose, she has no other symptoms. For now.

Yesterday Cody was really sick. It was a huge bummer, because it was his first Sunday off if over a month, and he was so excited to go to church and spend the day with his kids. But he couldn't get out of bed. I took the kids to church by myself, and come the last hour of meetings (Sacrament meeting for us, since we have the "reverse" schedule right now), Lee put his head in my lap and told me he was feeling way bad and there was something stuck in his hear and it was ouchie. We left shortly after the sacrament was passed. I pulled up to the house as Cody was backing out, trying to come to the last hour of church. Poor Cody again was so out of it that he didn't realize that there was only about half an hour left. But he was trying so hard. So, we made our second trip to the Instacare of the week, got a prescription for Lee's ear infection, and then went for a Superbowl party. I know, I know. Probably should have stayed home. But we drugged up the sickies and tried to take it easy. I was glad for the break from the house and the time with family. Annalisa got the giggles in the second half and went absolutely supernova.

Superbowl party foodstuffs: shrimp cocktail, crackers with cream cheese and chili sauce, chips and 3 types of dip, loaded potato skins, hot wings, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, cheese, frog-eye salad, fruit, potato salad, vegetables, juice, *(Forgot these the first time I wrote it) a marvelous baked brie, pesto cheese puffs,* and oatmeal cake for dessert. Yum, right?

The baby loved the food, but not the reduced leg room from my full stomach. :) She wiggled and squirmed and put pressure on my back. So, consequently, even though I loved all the delicious food and my stomach loved it as well (still an unfortunate rarity during this pregnancy... I haven't been able to eat much), I started feeling the first of the really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy last night. This morning is much more comfortable again. I have a feeling this little girlie is going to be smaller. I'm over 34 weeks and can still say I feel fairly comfortable. Thank goodness. Every day is a victory. And I am so glad that the sickness came this month and not next!

Last night Cody was again, very sick. At eleven he finally consented to take some medicine, then came back to bed with a fever so bad he couldn't stop shivering. He was coughing and sniffling. I tried rubbing his back and holding his feet in mine to warm them up, but ultimately, we realized it was a futile attempt. I went to sleep on the couch so Cody could have the nice soft bed. But a few minutes later, the man comes and makes me go back to bed, taking the couch himself for the rest of the night. What a hero! He would NOT take no for an answer. So, I slept in the soft bed, feeling bad for my husband all night. But, in a way I'm kind of glad. I don't think Cody would have slept any better in the bed, and now I am rested and a little more able to take care of my sick family.

Today's schedule: 1-go to the pharmacy and load up on meds. 2-do laundry. 3-sanitize the office... okay, sanitize the whole house... 4-try to keep up on Anna's potty training, as she had a few accidents this weekend and needs another push. 5-try to get everyone to take a nap today. 6-teach my piano student. Notice: no cleaning, other than laundry? That's right. I am going to purposefully neglect the little bits of clutter all over. I have other things to do today. So there.

Okay. The pharmacy opens in twenty minutes. I can get Anna ready and go now. Goodbye. :)


Eric said...

You forgot the baked Brie and the Pesto Puffs! It was quite the party. Here's hoping for healthy and active immune systems.

Lisa said...

oh man, I can't forgot the brie and the pesto puffs! They were SOOO good too. My mistake.

Aubri said...

Hope you're all feeling better!

Had to swing by and comment on your comment from my Sad Panda post. You were never once a person who said anything horrible to me. You were loving and wonderful, and I am SO grateful for you. Thank you for being my friend. You're amazing.

I truly hope you all get better soon.