Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kiddie updates

Recently, I've been blogging a few of my adventures/troubles/concerns/triumphs of being a mom with little kids. I thought you might like to hear how things are coming along for my awesome kids!

Anna is potty training still. The past few days she has been doing great. I mean, really great. No accidents in two full days and counting! We have potty breaks about every hour to hour and a half. She doesn't yet tell me she needs to go, but just keeping it in the potty and not on the floor or in the panties is a huge success. I don't mind taking her. When it is potty break time, she does everything herself, including pulling panties up and down and wiping when done. So, I doubt it will be very long before she just takes herself. I feel great about her progress. There is just going to be a few weeks or months like this--lots of reminders and lots of praise--until she's finally broken the habit of going wherever/whenever. That's a tough habit to break, too. Imagine breaking the habit of something you've done completely second nature for 2 years! So proud of my girl.

Lee and I have been doing "practice time" every day for his schoolwork. Because he's been sick, I have been particularly stickler about it. But he loves it so far. In this movie (below), he'd already been doing the game for a few minutes and so of course he was getting a little silly when the camera came out. But his progress has been good. I'm going to ask his teacher to reassess his goals when he gets back to school and tell him all the activities we used to practice at home. His biggest issue hasn't been paying attention in school; his problem is focusing and participating when there are lots of distractions (like other kids) around. Example: he can sing all of the primary songs, tell us all about his primary lessons, and bear his testimony at home. But in Primary, he mostly just sits there and stares. He is learning so much, but it's the distractions that keep him from showing it. So practice at home is really great for him, but I need his teacher's help to get his school performance up too. And that--only time can tell at this point.

I'm really proud of my kids. They have been learning and working so hard. As this pregnancy has progressed, I have required more and more from them. They constantly amaze me at the things they can do for themselves and how much they learn each day. Both kids now are great and getting themselves dressed (Lee a little better than Anna, of course), putting their dirty laundry down the laundry chute (a favorite activity), brushing teeth, and helping clean up toys and messes. Lee is good at buckling his own seat belt now, with just a little help. I am especially grateful, because it brings me hope for when we have three kids. I have good helpers that do what I ask them... usually... and are always eager to please. Yay kiddos!


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Yay Kiddos is right! I miss them.

Angeli said...

Wahoo! That sure was great you knew how many 3 is Lee. And Anna your pony tails are so cute.