Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Birthday review

Yesterday was my birthday! I hadn't been thinking about it too much. We've been busy. Tuesday we had dentist appointments (all four of us cavity-free, whew! I'm so glad I don't have to work in more dentist appointments in the next few days/weeks...), my doctor checkup, and also Cub Scouts. That's right; Cody and I are the new Webelos leaders in our ward, and now get to figure out all this cub scouting stuff. So I was frantically running from place to place all day Tuesday; and come bedtime, I was quite bummed out about my birthday. I hadn't even made it to the store, and my dream of having cheesecake was floating out the window. I know Cody can't cook a cheesecake. I also knew he had no gifts wrapped for me, no food in the fridge that I had requested, and he had to work all day on my birthday. I figured I'd let what happened, happen, and if I got really depressed about the way my birthday was running, I'd just put my foot down and take us out to dinner or something. And maybe I'd just have to make a cheesecake some other day.

Wednesday morning I was the first up (as usual) and treated myself to a nice hot shower instead of running straight into the morning routine of clothes and breakfast and preschool and potty breaks and whatnot. When I got out of the shower, Cody told me to get back in bed so that the kids could surprise me. So I obliged (even though I had to run back to the bathroom momentarily because of morning sickness :P) and in a few minutes, Anna came in with a candle and Lee was singing Happy Birthday at the top of his lungs. They helped me blow out the candle and brought me an unwrapped--but still very nice--gift. Cody then informed me that he'd arranged with my mom to babysit all day so Cody and I could go to the temple. I was super excited then! After dropping off Lee at preschool, I took Anna to my mom's house (where she had her own gift for me, thanks mom, I can't wait to use it, and I'll certainly blog about it when I do!) and went to my chiropractor appointment, and then Cody and I packed up the car and went to Salt Lake City for the day. We have a temple much closer to us (we are so very blessed by that), but I really wanted to do a "live" session, because I'd never done that before.

Cody and I picked up some lunch on the way down and enjoyed the session at the temple. It was fun to talk in the car and just think about us and the coming baby and life, and not be stressed out. Cody had even tricked me into thinking he had work, when he really had the day off the whole time. It was a wonderful day-date. We got back to mom and dad's at about 5:30 and they had dinner ready for us... AND cheesecake. :D Mom had worked so hard to make it a special day, and I am very appreciative! Lee was excited to show us what he'd done one the cake--putting on pecans and candles. Annalisa had kept herself clean and dry all day. After dinner and cake we drove home just as a massive snow storm was starting. We hunkered down in our house and watched the snow fly, and Cody and I played a game and watched some TV and went to sleep early.

It was a great birthday! Thanks to everyone who was so kind and thoughtful and wished me a happy birthday. I feel very loved. :) Love, Lisa


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

It was great fun for us too.

Levi and Kami's Blog said...

I'm so glad it was such a good day! You deserve it!