Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something other than pregnancy...maybe...

This post is NOT about pregnancy.

I wanted to surprise all my readers with some nice pictures today and a really upbeat post. But alas, I have lost my camera. I'm sure it's not too far away. So I will put up a few pics from my phone.
Lee made this awesome alligator hat in preschool. When he wears it, we call him alLEEgator. :)
A few weeks ago, I asked Lee what he wanted for dinner, and for his help cooking. We decided to make Cowboy Pasta (basically macaroni and cheese with beans, tomatoes, and green pepper...occasionally ground beef and taco seasoning). After choosing Cowboy Pasta, though, Lee came up with the idea of making cowboys out of carrots and oranges. We had so much fun arranging them on plates for everyone, and then munching them down. Lee is quite the little chef!

Annalisa has been so amazingly cute. She speaks very well in complete sentences and paragraphs. Her favorite activity the last week has been "making hairbows." She sits on the armrest of the couch by the cart currently serving as an end table with a clothespin, a microfiber mop head, a lid from the cooking spray, a toy fire truck, an old (empty) ribbon spool, and a small red pom-pom. From there, the possibilities are endless, and keep her happily entertained for an hour or more. Another amazing thing she figured out by herself is playing "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" on the piano. Of course not the whole thing--she's only two, after all--but the "Up above the world so high" part. You know, in solfedge, it goes "So So Fa Fa Mi Mi Re." She starts at the top of the keyboard and using that rhythmic and musical pattern, runs the entire way down the piano singing along. It is amazing. Not trying to be immodest, but I think she inherited my musical talent. And then some!

As for Cody--he's been sick again this week. :( My poor husband! He never gets sick! I feel like in the last three months he has been sick more times than in our entire married life. This time it was a fever with a sore throat and hurting ears. We had him checked for ear infection, but it wasn't bad enough to prescribe antibiotics. So he's been on lots of Tylenol. I think the worst is over, though, and last night he didn't even need an extra blanket on his feet to keep warm.

And lastly, we had an awesome baby "sprinkle" at my mom's house yesterday. I was so happy to see friends and family. But I'm NOT talking about pregnancy today, so we'll leave it at that. Thank you, thank you, everyone who came and participated and helped. It was wonderful.

Happy Sunday! (And now, I have earned myself a bunch more pregnancy posts. *wicked grin*)

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