Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A trip to the Doctor's office

This morning I had my 34 week OB appointment. Since we're going with our family doctor, and his office happens to be attached to the Instacare, and Cody also didn't have to work this morning, we all went together and decided to take Lee over to the Instacare while I was at my appointment.

Lee has been sneezing and runny nose since Sunday, accompanied by red spots/rash on his face and a few on his body. While he hasn't been itching, I was still worried about the red spots. Lee's diagnosis: Rhino Virus. So, fluids, rest, keeping him away from other kids... but not much else to do except wait it out. Lee didn't really like wearing his "Superhero mask," but was a good sport about the rest of it. He's a brave kid.

My OB appointment was pretty normal. I'm measuring just right. This baby is super shy about her heartbeat. It has always taken several tries to find her with the doppler. She much prefers to kick the doppler or bat it with her hand than to let the doc listen to her heartbeat. Kind of random and funny.

But while we were waiting (I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting... 45 minutes in the waiting room, another 30 minutes in the exam room...ugh), there was a little boy who got his blood drawn, was later taken back to see the doc, and could be heard screaming bloody murder pretty much the whole time. I felt so bad for him. He couldn't be more than two or three. When the doc came in, he mentioned that they were way behind because of the severity of this boy's case--he is so anemic he has nearly no iron in his blood. They had to order special iron pills for him at the pharmacy. But the doctor kind of shook his head and mentioned that they must not feed him anything but sugar, because his teeth are all rotted out and he refuses all meat.

Trying hard not to judge his parents too harshly... yes, there are diseases and other disorders that can make kids so picky that it is literally impossible to feed them properly... but still, this kid's life is in danger right now! I'm really grateful for my kids and their willingness to eat their food. The story of this poor little boy just got to me today. The job we mothers (and fathers) face is so big and important. Sometimes I feel unappreciated or lonely or even bored. But I have to remember just how important I am, and how much my kids need me to care for them and teach them properly. To all you parents out there, doing your best to care for your kids and help them be healthy, safe, and well balanced: good work, and good luck!


Kathy said...

Amen to that. I saw a couple coming out of the ultrasound room on one of my recent check ups and the wife was just bawling. I know they must have received bad news at the visit and it made me so sad for them. We are so lucky to have good and healthy children!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

You are good parents. It makes me proud to watch you with your kids - and very happy for them.

Angeli said...

So sorry for Lee. Hope he is OK. It's getting closer for you. You are taking such good care of those little kidos. I'm so grateful.