Friday, March 25, 2011

2 weeks

Katie is 2 weeks old today... about half an hour ago to be precise. She's already growing so much!

Yesterday she had her 2 week checkup. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 5 oz and 21 inches long. That's a big growth! I'm not surprised. The girl has a hollow leg. ;) We had to do a repeat blood screening that required three heel pokes and a lot of bleeding. Poor Katie cried and cried. Babies are not supposed to be pin cushions. But we made it through it.

She is still a great little baby! Me, on the other hand... I've been having a tougher recovery than I was hoping for. Quite honestly, I was hoping for an instantaneous recovery. I was just being over ambitious. Fortunately, the hormones are settling down, even if the grosser parts (bleeding and soreness) aren't. My body keeps reminding myself that I just had a baby and I need to settle down. I'm glad I had those casseroles in the freezer. Anna's potty training has taken a few steps backwards, and the house is in a permanent state of mild disarray... but otherwise, we're managing. I couldn't stand the condition of the bathrooms any more, so I cleaned them earlier this week, then regretted it all afternoon. Ugh; this has just taken longer and been more painful than I wanted! I hope it gets over soon.

But overall, we're doing pretty well. Cody starts his new coaching position soon. The flowers in the front (which I at first thought were daffodils, but are actually Hyacinth) are getting little buds on them. The kids all still love each other--even if they're realizing just how immobile mom is these days while nursing a baby... I was most worried about these first two weeks, and look! They're over!

whoa... my baby is two weeks old... *sniff*

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