Tuesday, March 1, 2011

37 weeks, 5 days check-in

Almost 38 weeks, about 2 weeks to go!

I had a good doctor checkup today. I'm really happy with my choice of doctors. His whole staff knows me now and says hello when I come in. That is so nice! We found the baby's heartbeat faster than we ever have before. Funny random thing--this little girlie has been so shy about her heartbeat! Every single appointment has been a struggle to find it. She'll kick and hit the doppler several times before letting us hear a brief snippet of "thump thump thump" only to squirm away. Today the nurse practitioner remembered my shy/stubborn little girl, and purposefully started high. We found the heartbeat right away before the baby knew what was going on. Ha! :) Heartbeat is just great, between 130 and 140.

I was expecting more weight gain this week because of my increased appetite, but to my surprise and delight, I haven't gained at all. It was probably the horrid day I had yesterday (nausea, food aversions again...not done with it yet). Still at an 11 pound gain for the whole pregnancy.

I'm not a lot more dilated or effaced this week, though I have made a little progress. Doctor Clark didn't want to officially label me as a 1.5 cm, so that I could have more progress next week. :) And yes, he believes there will be a next week. I was just barely open enough to strip the membranes, though, so I had him do that. He thinks it will help me dilate more.

Lastly, both Dr. Clark, Cody, and I agree that it would be really nice if baby came before her due date. Dr. Clark has a 3 day vacation starting on my due date, and Cody has the whole week off of work. So, if I don't go into labor over the next week or so, we'll probably schedule an induction for *hopefully* sometime between the 11th and 15th. Dr. Clark doesn't want me to have a long, hard induction, and wants to see if I can progress a bit more before inducing... but I'm thinking that hey, this is where I was at when I was induced with Anna! And hers was the far better labor. It can't be worse now! :)

Now, for my opinions. My back hurts a lot. This baby feels like she's sitting lower than the other kids ever did. She's right on my sitting bones, so they ache. It hurts to stand, hurts to sit, is uncomfortable to lie down... basically, I'm getting done. Good thing though--I have high high hopes (and not unfounded hopes, either) that I will have this baby within about 2 weeks!


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

It's very exciting!!

Julie said...

So you're more dilated then I have ever been when going to my last month of appts! (I don't do anything till the day before I go into labor.) Just food for thought or maybe encouragement!

Raychel said...

Yay Lisa! That's crazy he stripped your membranes. I remember thinking it was like nails on a chalkboard, but pregnancy itself isn't very fun. This is so close!

I see you guys almost every time on my way home from dropping Shayden off. You're going to pick Lee up, I think.