Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family Computers

Last night, Cody bought me a baby gift. A new laptop! Well, it's not 100% new; we found it used in the classifieds online (in local terms, But it's very gently used and in great condition. It was my own fault that the other laptop bit the dust.

A brief history of our family's computers, for your entertainment:
-I inherited an old computer that had been my parents', that was given to my brother Matthew at the beginning of his college career, which he used for 2 years before his mission and before I started college. At the end of his 2 year stint with it, his apartment flooded and the computer was two inches deep in water and mud. Somehow it survived, and I received it at the beginning of my college years back in the fall of 2003. I put it through even worse wear than the flood, though, by being stupid enough to allow my next door neighbors to use the computer at will. One neighbor downloaded a pirated copy of Windows XP Office edition, just to see if it would work before downloading it on his own computer. Yes. I was very naive. I had to nuke the hard drive after that. The computer was in fast failing condition, though, with a damaged sound card, issues connecting to the internet, and a few other quirks. Yet, it survived (barely) through my first 2 years of college and the first year of our marriage in 2005.
-Cody and I saved our money and pledged to buy a new computer if we did the dishes 100 days in a row. So, in the fall of 2006, after Lee was born, we purchased a new Gateway Desktop, complete with a 19" flatscreen and optical mouse, both of which were big perks at the time. It was, has been, and is, a very great computer. We haven't had any issues with it, and have used it for all kinds of things, especially downloading pictures, videos, and uploading them to the internet. aka, blogging. :) Cody also bought a 1 TB external hard drive to go with it as a Christmas gift.
-Last October, amid our move, Cody started a second job with DirecTV, which required him to provide his own computer. My mom graciously gave us her old desktop for him to use. For the first several months it worked great, but about a month and a half ago, they required a big software update, and the old computer just didn't have the chops for it. We decided to move the nice Gateway desktop down to the office and the old computer upstairs for me to use. I have been pining for my old desktop, but just switched to primarily using the laptop (see below).
-In January of 2009, Cody did a semester toward a master's degree. While we later decided it was not good timing for our family, at the time I found it important that Cody have a school computer. So, for his birthday, I surprised him with a new HP laptop. We were mega excited about it. It is a really good machine, but unfortunately, the hardware just hasn't held up to our family. The kids enjoyed popping the keys off, which we have repaired numerous times. We've worn out 3 chargers and 2 batteries. The sides have been cracked and repaired from being dropped a couple of times. The final drop was it's downfall. Nobody was even around it. It was just my bad habit of leaving the computer in precarious places that did it in. It landed right on the charger plug, which cracked it (the charger plug) pretty bad. Cody was able to fiddle with it just enough to get it to charge still, but he had to tape it all down and completely immobilize the laptop. This all happened last week, right after Katie was born. Now, the laptop has missing keys, a taped-in charger that is still finicky, and is generally more sensitive. In other words, hard to use.
-Which leads us right to today! Cody did a bunch of research on laptops and found this new HP Envy. He purchased it yesterday evening, and now I am nursing Katie, lounging in my recliner, aaaaand--BLOGGING! That's why this post has gone on so long.

Isn't that all so exciting? I'm just excited to be using a computer at my leisure again. It probably means you'll be hearing much more from me again. And that's our fun news for today.

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