Friday, March 11, 2011

First update--no update

We got up early and excited and called Labor and Delivery right at 6 am, as instructed, eagerly awaiting to hear: "Come right in! We're excited for you!" But nope. :( They are swamped, and told us to call back in a couple hours. So we called back a minute ago--still swamped. Couple more hours. Bug. It is very hard to be patient. I'm just not liking this feeling that I'm already on the back burner and not important to them. I mean, I get it, because I'm not in labor, and I would definitely rather be home quietly waiting than in the hospital being ignored.

We're having a nice breakfast and watching the news about the Japan earthquake. I'm trying to lay low and not do much, so I can have strength for later. That is, IF there is is a later... *stay positive, Lisa, stay positive*

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