Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Katie

And yes, that's her name! Katie.

We're getting a lot done as we wait for her to come. Still have a lot to do as well.

We went shopping today and splurged on a new swing/bouncy seat. This is pretty nifty! It's a swing, but the seat comes off and can sit on the floor by itself as a little bouncer. After the kids helped me set it up, Lee found one of Anna's dollies, worked really hard to put it in the straps, then swung it twice and announced, "yep, it works." Then he marched off. Anna then had a good time swinging it, finding the baby a blanket (as shown), and turning to say "cheese!" for the camera. Cheese, sans smile, that is. :) (see picture above)

Other things we have accomplished:
-Lee's Kindergarten registration! I consider this a huge success. Lee did very well on his evaluation, all the paperwork is compiled and submitted, and we are set to roll in the fall. Relief.
-Most of the baby clothes are washed and ready. The rest are at least located.
-Katie's crib is put together with clean sheets and blankets.
-We have several packages of diapers and wipes, in newborn and size 1, thanks to my wonderful baby shower and everyone who was so generous and kind.
-I still have about about five or six frozen dinners ready to roll.
-Carseat is washed and assembled.

Things still to do:
-Pack kid's clothes and my hospital bag. I have everything we need to pack written down in an Excel Spreadsheet list--just in case I go into labor and need to rapidly direct where everything goes. But I haven't put the actual things in the bags.
-Install the back seat of the van and the baby's carseat. This will require first cleaning out the van and some heavy lifting, so I'm kind of waiting for Cody's help (which is hard to come by, considering the many many hours he works nowadays).
-Clean the house from top to bottom. Again, requires bending and lifting and bending and lifting. So that's why it's not done.
-Give the boys haircuts. Hopefully will get done tonight or tomorrow.
-Several appointments next week, including *aaaaaah* a haircut and pedicure for me.

And that's where we're at! If I don't get around to everything, life will go on. I'm getting excited for little Katie to come!


Kathy said...

Hurray! And I love the name - super cute. I was amazed at the things I got done after my due date. Kinda nice to have some extra time ;).

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Yes Kathy, but you had a husband and mother home to help you while you waited. :) Let's hope that Lisa doesn't have that time this go around.

John and Anna said...

Cute name! We're excited for you!