Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How many pictures can I post before Katie wakes up?

Yes. Katie is asleep, and I am blogging. What is wrong with this picture? :)

Actually, nothing, really. Knock on wood--but Katie has been a good sleeper at night. She is falling into a little routine of waking up only about twice a night, for about an hour each time. Since she is nursing pretty much the whole time she is awake, Cody doesn't have to wake up. It would be superfluous, you know. Yet, even though the night time is typically all me (at least until morning, when Cody has been getting up to get Lee and Anna ready and give me another thirty minutes of sleep), I'm able to get some good rest. Again, knock on wood. I've probably just cursed myself even admitting this glorious news.

We had a nice "babymoon" with Cody off of work the last week. It was a needed break and good rest to have him around. I'm still a little nervous about this upcoming few weeks and months, but I made it today! Here I am; I got Lee out to school, and brought him back home. Many...nay, most... of my fears were entirely unfounded, I think. Anyway...what was I saying? oh yes, our time "off!" We did do a few fun things. We went to Cody's cousin's wedding reception, where Cody tried to teach Lee to slow dance. Several fun people came to visit, including Grandma S., Raychel and kids, and Sara and Eric. Sara and Eric brought Katie some cute little pink USU booties, which are hard to see in the picture, but are a lot of fun!

So there... that's a little bit better update than last night's quick one. We are trying to find a new routine that works for everyone. Good news--Cody got a promotion at his DirecTV job! It will be a big status increase. It will also be a drastic schedule change, which he's not too thrilled about, but I'm ecstatic for--he will be working more afternoons and less mornings. It means Prudential will have to be rearranged (why he isn't very excited) but he will have mornings to help just a little bit more (why I am so happy). So with this new schedule change, and a new baby, we're just taking it a day at a time with a lot of prayers and trying to stay very flexible. We're making it! And I just heard Katie start stirring... so, toodles!


Kristin said...

Cousins with matching booties! Hope Sara gave you the dress I made her, if not ask for it so it still fits. Glad you're getting some good sleep and surviving.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Sleep is great. And you'll do well. Just keep your chin up and remember that some things just have to be put aside for now.

Granny D Fifield said...

It does sound like you are more than making it. We knew you would!

Katie keep up the good sleep hours. Good looking and a sleeper ta boot!:)