Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No subject, just life

Little baby Katie is growing fast! She is spending more and more time awake and alert. Her favorite things in life are being held, being fed, sunshine, and taking baths with daddy. Her least favorite things are cold lotion, her fingernails, when her binkie falls out, and burps in her tummy.
Little updates: Cody started his new coaching position yesterday. The first six hours of the day was just listening in to a training conference call, so he could answer an occasional question of the trainees. So he came upstairs on his headset, cleaned the kitchen, played with the kids, and it was really nice! Of course, that is going to be a rarity. The last two hours the trainees started taking phone calls and Cody had tons of questions to answer and didn't get a second to even think. But overall, he's excited for his new position and thinks it is going to be a fun new challenge.

This picture is mostly for Axton and Kristin. Axton--our cousin--has a new sister too, and thinks all the baby stuff is for him. Annalisa has been doing the same thing. She occasionally sucks on Katie's binkies, climbs in her crib, or takes her blankets. But Anna's favorite thing of all is the swing. Since she's still within the weight limit of the swing, we haven't made her quit climbing in it. She turns on the music and swings herself with her feet. Last night she fell asleep in there. So silly!


Angeli said...

Oh, she has changed so fast! She is so pretty. Anna cracks me up in her little swing. I love to see the pics. Beautiful baby Katie.

Kristin said...

Thanks for pics of just Katie, they're the first i've seen since hospital shots. I think Axton actually broke the mechanism of the swing swinging in it wrong, or too hard. Glad Anna likes it too.

Granny D Fifield said...

The picture of Anna is a classic! Baby is growing up so fast. It is only a couple of weeks and she has really changed.

Raychel said...

Anna is so funny! Katie is as cute as ever.