Friday, March 11, 2011

still chugging

This is Lisa really quickly. It is tricky to type with an IV in my hand. We keep turning up the pitocin and the contractions are getting stronger. I'm relaxing in between and through them, and we are enjoying watching Pride and Prejudice (A&E version).

Dr. Clark stopped by this morning just briefly. He isn't in his office today and is monitoring my progress from home. Cool, huh! He'll probably come some time and break my water. I haven't been checked since this morning, when we checked in.

I'm really happy with how it's going so far. They're encouraging me to move around when I want to, suck on ice, and have fun. So, I am!


Melanie said...

I just noticed the little icon on the side of your blog "will do 5 lunges per comment." Still true?

Lunges, baby, lunges! :)

Glad you're happy with how things are going thus far!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I think the lunges can wait a bit. :) Kids are having fun. We had a long walk this morning that turned into playing in the back yard and touching deer poop (Anna). Lunch was mac and cheese and Anna spilled/splashed her chocolate milk all over the floor, walls, vertical blinds, and window. But now she's having a nap and Lee is watching Pinocchio. It may end when the big whale arrives on the scene.

Raychel said...

Go Lisa! You're getting there.

Angeli said...

Wahooo! We are thinking soon now!