Friday, March 4, 2011

Twiddling my Thumbs

I so wish I had something awesome to blog about right now. I think time slows way down at the end of a pregnancy, and speeds way up after.

I had more contractions last night. I wasn't as surprised as the first time I had them, and I've had a few random ones in between, but last night they were about ten minutes apart for about an hour. This time I was still awake (it was about nine-thirty), but didn't tell Cody for fear they would stop. And stop they did. :) But still, I'm enough of a worry wart to take this as yet another gentle reminder (as if my gargantuan belly wasn't enough) that Katie is going to come. So today I'm going in my personal high-gear (read: everyone else's slowest speed) and getting things done. Today's priority? Laundry and packing of the bags. The kid's bag is almost done now. Mine is not yet started.

Yesterday we got the haircuts done. The boys look so much better, especially Cody. If I go more than a month without giving him a haircut, no offense sweetheart, but he looks like a clown werewolf. I hate to admit it, but the last haircut he got was on New Year's Eve. So it was high time! I am so grateful for my new kitchen with a linoleum floor that I can sweep up so we can do haircuts inside. I will never live with a carpeted kitchen ever again. *shudder*

The day before yesterday, Cody helped me with the cleaning. The house looks great now. Well... yes, we'll say great, since I'm not obligated to put up pictures. :) The floor is all picked up and vacuumed, and the bathrooms are scrubbed. There's still more to do, of course, but that will continue to happen a little each day. My sister in law Kristin once asked a very good question: why can't we store up clean laundry and a clean house like we can frozen dinners? Wouldn't it be awesome to just put away little packages that we could open up, and voila! there's a clean house? I would love that.

Anyway. Yesterday was 38 weeks officially. In my little fantasy, in one week from today I'll be in labor, or in the hospital after just giving birth. Ha. Yeah. Fantasy. I'm not nearly as obsessed with going into labor as I was with Annalisa. But I still plan on making Eggplant Parmesan for dinner sometime next week. But in honesty, here's my labor goal--and I think my doctor is on board--
This weekend--if something happens, great. If not, great too.
Tuesday--My "almost 39 weeks" doctor checkup. See progress, maybe strip membranes again, and then plan an induction for hopefully some time between Friday March 11 and Tuesday March 15. I'm not sure the hospital does inductions on any other days besides Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (and even Wednesdays are iffy because they also schedule C-sections that day). So I don't know if they'll allow me to go in sooner. Let's pray.
Wednesday and Thursday--Do everything in my power to get ready, and to dilate/go into labor. Mostly for fun.
Thursday afternoon to Friday--Go into natural labor! :D j/k. Wait around until my induction, trying to find projects to stay busy, including cleaning the bathrooms again and again and again.
sometime after that: be induced and have Katie!

Alright. Shutting up now. I'm bored. :)


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

What days is your doctor out of town?

SHEFFERS 'R' US said...

When we had Taffy I actually did go into labor an hour before I was scheduled for my induction I am super excited for you. Good luck with everything!


Kathy said...

Well, as Mom knows, we tried just about every single natural labor induction technique (except caster oil!) and none of them worked for us. But good luck!

Nikki said...

I have never made it to 38 weeks. I feel for you. I HATE the last days counting and praying, and jogging, and twiddling.

With Ruthie, I went in to labor 12 days before the scheduled c-section. I am surprised at how many people say "That's sad that you had to go in to labor even though you were going to be having a c-section." But they were pretty quick to get me in to surgery. I was so excited it was finally happening and really scared that it might progress like the twins delivery. which it didn't.

But anyhow, I am SO EXCITED for you. I'm twiddling my thumbs for you.

I'm glad you don't have a carpeted kitchen anymore. I usually give the boys haircuts in our bathroom because of the linoleum. The kitchen has fantastic flooring-- but there's the little bitty grooves to give it character, and the hair gets stuck more there cleaning it up. Your clown-werewolf description had me chuckling.

P.S. My word verification is: slogr. I feel like a slogger sitting here reading blogs about busy people. ;)

Angeli said...

I'm getting excited for you! There is a lot to look forward to in the next two weeks. Wahoo, Katie. We're excited to meet you.

Nikki said...

You haven't posted in 4 days! Does this mean anything?