Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anna just told me...

"I don't want to go pee in my panties!" And this came AFTER she ran in the bathroom, unprompted, and went in the toilet.

This is a HUGE success! Since even before Katie's birth... probably about two months now... Anna has been at the almost-potty-trained-plateau. It's the point where if you take them in and physically sit them down, they'll usually go. But they won't take themselves, and sometimes they go in their pants just for spite.

Now, I'm not saying Anna is 100% potty trained yet, but I am going to celebrate with her now for the big step it is to take herself to the toilet. The past few days, everything has been "NO, I do it!" I admit I've been frustrated by that. She won't take a bath. She won't eat her food. She screams if I try to buckle her carseat. Ugh. But at least she wanted to go in the toilet, and did it herself! What a big big girl!

p.s. Sorry if potty training posts offend you. I've heard they're the least popular topic in blogworld. But I won't retract my above statements, simply because this is MY blog and MY half-journal. I need to write this down so that when it is time for me to potty train Katie, I can remember the dates of successes, and I can have hope for my own future.


Kristin said...

Hooray for your success. We've been in the independent stage for a while now. Most days I just plan extra time into each thing so Axton can be independent and I can figure out a way to help him without him knowing it.

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Every little step is still a step, and some are bigger than others. It's how we grow. I'm glad it happens that way.