Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The long and short of it

The short version: I have surgery scheduled on Thursday to have my gallbladder removed.

The long version:

Yesterday (Monday) first thing in the morning Cody called the surgeon's office for me. I would have called myself but I was feeding Katie. They scheduled a meeting with me on Wednesday to look over my history and whatnot. It was a little slower than I was hoping for, but tried to take it as a good sign that they weren't very concerned about my condition. And truly, since going fat-free, the pain has been very manageable. So I finished feeding Katie, packed up Anna and Katie and my coupons I've been working on, and decided to go grocery shopping with the girls while Cody stayed home and cleaned/worked.

I was almost to the grocery store when my phone rang and it was the Dr.'s office again, saying, "Wait, you were at the ER, right? Your liver function was very abnormal. We need to see you much sooner, and you need another set of labs drawn." Now THIS sounded right, though inconvenient. But really, how could these gallstones ever be convenient? So I made an immediate change of plans and went to the lab to get my blood drawn. I took the girls in with me. They were very good. Then we went shopping, and we'd run out of time to go home, so we grabbed a bite to eat and went to pick up Lee from preschool. I came home and Katie was still asleep so I pumped a bottle for storage, to use during the surgery, and then made 50 hamburger patties from meat I'd just purchased and froze them for Katie's blessing (no, I won't need that many, but leftovers will be nice all summer), then fed Katie, taught a piano lesson, and then went back to the hospital to meet with the surgeon. It was a very hectic day.

Fortunately, my liver function has improved over the weekend. I think the fat-free diet helped a lot. But that hasn't saved me from needing surgery. I'm actually really looking forward to the surgery in a way, because gallstones don't go away. I could eat fat free my whole life and still have a problem with it. I'm very pleased with the surgeon too--great suggestion, cousin Emily! We scheduled the surgery for Thursday--in just a few days. Then I went to the Surgery Center and pre-registered and had a pre-op appointment with one of the nurses. I had Katie with me and she was hungry and grumpy the whole time, but I couldn't feed her because we kept moving all over the place and I had tons of paperwork to fill out. When I was finally done, I fed her in the van before driving home.

But my day wasn't over quite yet. Thank heavens for Raychel being so sweet and coming over with dinner to take care of Lee and Anna! She even taught us a FHE lesson. I tried to comfort Katie, who was getting ready for bed with lots of crying and eating... scarfed down my own dinner, and tried to talk to people on the phone about my upcoming surgery and keep some kind of reign on my kids. After Raychel left, Katie settled down. Even though it was barely 7:00, I put Lee and Anna to bed. I feel proud of myself that I didn't yell at them, even though I was exhausted and overwhelmed from the day's stresses.

So that was my day yesterday. Cody got a bunch of cleaning done, and the only thing I had to do was vacuum and sweep the floors. The house looks much better now. He even washed, sorted and folded laundry. Wonderful man!

About the surgery itself: it is out-patient with just a few small incisions. After I am done with the surgery I should be able to eat normally again, though I'll want to keep the meals light for a while. I can even nurse Katie once I wake up. The doctor said I'll probably have a few crummy days and a few slightly-less-crummy days and then I'll be healed. And since I'm breastfeeding, they're going to try to get me an early timeslot on Thursday (they schedule the times of the surgerys the afternoon before). Until then, I am hoping to clean and stock up what we need, and to arrange for help to come. This continues to be a wild ride!

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John and Anna said...

Lisa, I've been keeping up on all this just haven't had a spare hand to type out a comment the last several times I've read your blog! Oh my goodness! You are one brave and tough woman! Just your busy day yesterday alone has me feeling quite disfunctional compared to you.

But really I just want to say that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers and have been for several days though I haven't mentioned it before. I'm glad they found the problem and solution. I understand how relieving just knowing what's wrong and how to fix it can be. But we do wish you all the luck and blessings you will need for surgery and recovery. Let us know if we can help!:)