Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A self-indulging post

I haven't been posting very often, have I? I'm sorry. I have a great setup for posting on our blog, but not a lot of stuff to post about. Katie is growing super fast. On Monday she weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 oz--2 full pounds bigger than birth! Annalisa is a sweet sister, even if I've scrubbed poop out of the carpet every day this week (YUCK). Lee has Spring break this week, so we've been sleeping in and Daddy has been making breakfast.

But this post is now going to be more about me. I am happy, very happy to have healthy children and a wonderful family. It's just my dumb body can't seem to heal up! Fortunately, I'm not sore any more from the birth. But since last Friday, I've had bouts of this really bad back/rib/stomach pain. Reeeeally bad, I tell you. For a pretty well written history of this back pain, check this post from April of 2009.

I thought the Chiropractor working on my back would really help; and it has. But last Friday these back spasms of uncontrollable pain came back with a vengeance. Since then, it's plagued me for at least a few minutes every day, most days an hour or two. The first day I popped some Ibuprofen and tried everything I could think of for back pain: stretching, popping, walking, lying down, even my dad's Back2Life. Nothing helped. That night, when Katie woke up to eat, the pain can we keep this clean...messing with my digestion. So I took some Pepto Bismol and that helped. That's when I started thinking that maybe this isn't originating in my back--maybe it is my stomach. Since then, I've tried to focus harder on each part of my body when the pain comes, and I'm quite convinced that it is a gastrointestinal problem of some sort.

So now that leads me to treatment. I had kind of planned on asking my doctor at my 6 week checkup, but after the pain I was in last night, I don't know if I want to wait that long. I have a chiropractor appointment this morning in about forty minutes, and will mention it to him--but I'm not sure how much that will help. One thing I'm really wondering about is a food allergy or intolerance. I haven't modified my diet at all, but I still want to get tested. Celiac disease is prevalent in my family. It might also be lactose intolerance or something completely different.

Mostly right now I'm just whining. I will call the doctor and see if I can get some blood work or other tests done. I know I will be okay... I just want the pain gone.

By the way, today I'm going to have a play date and make hair bows. So hopefully I'll have some fun things to post about after that. :)

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Aubri said...

Keep us posted! And (as you know) a negative result on a test for Celiac doesn't necessarily rule out gluten-intolerance :-(

Here's to hoping it's something minor!