Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adventures in Couponing: At the Store

It takes some organization and a lot of planning just to get to the store. You need your coupons, carefully clipped and organized. You need your lists with how many you plan on buying and where. But at last, you get to go see the fruits of your labors! Here's some tips to make your shopping trip a success.

1) Go early. If you can, go the first day of the sale, first thing in the morning. Other people have access to the same coupons and sales you do, and on the hottest items, the stores will sell out. Of course, sometimes the stores re-stock before the end of the sale, so you might get lucky. But your best bet is to go as early as possible.
2) Be polite to the other shoppers and clerks. I don't like people who clear a shelf of items, even if they're free or, rarely, moneymakers. A few days ago, Brittany commented to "not go crazy. There is no reason you need 40 bottles of mustard, even if they are cheap or even free, unless of course you're going to donate them." My personal goal is to get between 3 months and a year supply of everything. But this is built up over time, not in one shopping trip. Be mindful of the rest of the world, okay?
3) ask for rain-checks of sold out items, if your store does that.
4) Be happy and enjoy the ride! If you absolutely hate shopping, then maybe this couponing adventure isn't for you. This should be fun--so make it a party!

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