Monday, May 2, 2011

Katie's Blessing Day

Yesterday Cody gave our daughter Katie her name and blessing. It was a special, sweet day.

Katie was dressed in the same beautiful white dress that I was blessed in, as well as my sisters, and also Annalisa. I made her a new white hairband. Once the men took her up to the stand, she started crying really loud. It made the whole audience giggle. But despite Katie's wailing, Cody pronounced a beautiful blessing on her--about her legacy of giving and Christ-like service and love. Katie was surrounded by her father, her grandfathers, all her living great-grandfathers, and even a couple of uncles and great-uncles. We were really happy that so many people came to participate in our special celebration of Katie's birth and the spirit of this day.

After church we snapped a few photos and Lee and Anna snuck out of the church before anyone noticed. This caused a major panic as we tried to find them, but fortunately one of Cody's cousins found them just as Lee was telling Anna, "Come on, we have to walk home!" Silly kids. Just as we got back to the house with all fifty of our dinner guests, the heavens opened and it started pouring rain. So we moved the tables and chairs into the garage and just made do. We still had a fun dinner with all the family there, and everyone got fed (amazingly!). It was fun to chat and laugh and catch up.

Every day I enjoy holding Katie and looking at her and imagining what her life will be like. She is already growing too fast for me. I want to savor every second I have. I love my children, and am so grateful to be their mother!

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It's a good thing I took pictures!