Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Last night Blogger went down for several hours. This morning I'm missing about six posts. This one I was able to retrieve from Google Buzz. The others I will probably have to retype. So this is not really a new post, just a re-post. But while I'm re-posting, here's her stats from her 2 month checkup: 11 lbs 12 oz, 24" long.

Happy 2 months to Katie

Lady Katie is two months old today!

Her doctor appointment is tomorrow, including her 2 month immunizations. We will see how big she is then; however, I guarantee you she's grown a lot!

Katie is outgrowing her colic, hooray! She has been the most crying baby of our kids thus far, but that's been easy to overcome because she sleeps well. It's amazing what we can do with good sleep! I also feel very very fortunate that I got a good sleeper on my third child. If you get a good sleeper, you want it on your third child, when it's hard enough to find a good night's rest to begin with. But Katie typically sleeps from 10 to 4, then will go back to sleep after eating for another hour or two. Some nights she's even gone 10 to 6.

Katie is getting good at smiling now. She gives us several smiles a day, and even some coos. Her least favorite things right now are her carseat, getting too sleepy, poopy diapers, and kisses from an unshaved daddy. Her favorite things are her binkie, bath time with dad, wiggling her arms and legs, and sleeping.

Mostly, she's a cute, sweet little baby and we love having her in our family!
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