Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Change in Plans

We got a call from our building manager yesterday (Monday June 6). Someone dropped out of the June building program, opening up a slot and we've been bumped up. We start now--in fact, we're a little behind.


We were not expecting this at all. It is a major game changer. We talked about it and prayed about it, looked over house plans, even asked to still wait a month and a half for the next group. But then the building manager mentioned that funding is being cut, and they're running a risk of not even being able to do the next group. Are we willing to gamble our house away for first pick on floorplan, or a specific lot? No. Absolutely not. So, we took a deep breath and committed to start now.

So, we have a lot now. We won't get our first pick on house plan--the one I posted yesterday. We do have our second pick, though, and it is still really nice. I will post the plan later. Today we will go walk through the houses and make a final decision. I think I'll also swing by our lot and snap pictures.

Now I want all you out there in blog-o-space to understand: this is a big, intense project that we're very excited about. Cody will continue to work his normal jobs to support our family. He is the most dedicated and hard working man I know. With him already dedicating 60 hours plus a week to work, I know that a lot of the required building hours will be mine to fulfill. I have been purposefully leaving out specific information in regards to locations on purpose. Our new house will be about 15 minutes away from where we currently live. So really, while everything is changing, a lot will be staying the same.

We have a class tonight and I am writing a list of questions down. There is so much to learn and prepare for. Here we go!

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Aubri said...

Whoa! AWESOME! Scary, but awesome! :-) Good luck!!