Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting Excited

We're still about a month and a half to two months away from starting building our house, but we are already getting super excited! On Saturday, Cody and I went to a home ownership workshop for anyone thinking about purchasing a home (not just our building group). There was a pretty diverse group there, from a couple trying to buy a foreclosure, to a few just thinking about buying their first house, to us gearing up to build. It was a good workshop. They had a lender, a real estate agent, and an insurance guy come talk to us, as well as a few interns that did presentations. We learned about everything from budgeting and raising credit scores, through closing procedures and home maintenance--truly beginning to end, A-Z.

Something else pretty cool is that we met another couple that might be in the same building group as us (they are just waiting final approval, where we were a few weeks ago). They were really nice and have a son Annalisa's age. We talked a bit about swapping babysitting during the building process. It has got us all really excited, as this home is becoming more and more real.

Speaking of becoming more real, this is our favorite floor plan. Considering we secured the first slot in the building group, we get first pick on floor plan, lot, colors, etc. So I'm 99% sure we'll get our favorites. What do you think? Be honest, but don't tell me if you hate it. ;)

Main floor:

ps. Our major reasons for choosing this particular floorplan are: open kitchen/living/dining area, big cellar/fruit room in basement, the amazing mudroom/laundry area, and linen closets in all the bathrooms. The basement will be unfinished.

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