Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The House: First day at the site

As you might have guessed, I will be using this blog to journal our home building. To give you a fair enough warning, each will bear the "The House:" pre-title. (Pre-title? does that even make sense?)

Yesterday (June 21) was the first "building" day on our house. But really, nearly every word in that sentence needs clarification. We've been attending classes, signing papers, emailing, faxing, searching and thinking ever since we found out we'd been bumped into the earlier group. It's been go-go-go, even though at times it feels like we're not doing anything. Like I said, roller coaster. Yesterday Cody went out to the neighborhood and helped five of our group members (there are nine of us total) stake the lots. Using stakes, string, spray paint, and tape measures, they determined where the house will sit and marked it off on the lot. On Monday, those five houses will be excavated, and next Tuesday they will have their foundations poured. Our house was not one of those five, but since we build as a group, we all help each other. Another week after that, we get to stake the last four lots (ours included), and start framing the ones that have foundations. So right now, we won't "build" again for another two weeks; though those two weeks will be filled with the remaining paperwork and the selection of all our fixtures, paint, floors, siding, etc. Cody took more pictures and a little movie of our lot. We are super excited!

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Levi and Kami's Blog said...

Ah! This is all so exciting! I finally have fast internet and checked your blog! It is so good to know more about what is going on down there. I can't wait to see and help some!