Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Lady at 3 months

Three months old! Our little Katie-Lady is growing and changing every day.

Lee has nicknamed her Katie Bubble. He says it's because her head looks like a bubble. It's a cute nickname, so we've let it stick.

Milestones: Katie is an awesome night sleeper. I thank Heavenly Father every night for that. She is also outgrowing her colic now, and is usually a very pleasant baby. She loves playing with people and being held. She doesn't like being left out of the action. She is starting to make yucky faces when we put the binkie in too early; but there are times that all she wants is her bink. She still loves her bath time and diaper changes--anything to be naked! We sure love her to pieces, and are very glad she is a part of our family.

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