Monday, July 18, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

While our house is stalled, we've been enjoying the Summer.
My sister Kathryn came to visit and we took the kids to the park. It was warm in the sunshine and the kids got drenched with sweat and sun.

The other day Raychel and her kids came for a lunch playdate. We thought it would be a blast to have the kids run through the sprinklers in the back yard. Gavon went walking into the grass while I fiddled with the sprinkler system, trying to get the big sprinklers on in the back. Suddenly they came on and shot him right in the face. He tried to run away, but they were the big rainbirds and he kept running in the direction they were going so they kept hitting him. He finally got back to the stairs where it was dry and refused to set foot on the grass again. It was rather hilarious. :) As it turned out, Lee was the only kid who ran through the sprinklers. The rest of the kids were too scared. Oh well, the lawn needed the water anyway. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures.

We have only a little window AC unit that barely keeps the kitchen cool. Yesterday seemed particularly hot, and right before falling asleep I realized that one of the kids had turned the heat back on. Grr! I was mad. Good thing they were in bed, because they would have been in big trouble!

So, there's life. It's kind of quiet right now. That's good, I suppose.


Cindy said...

speaking of AC many members of my family who built houses have found out the hard way that you should get a central air system a little bigger than what your house requires my aunt had to replace THE WHOLE SYSTEM 3 times when my family moved in to the house we built we didn't have central air for a year to save up for a bigger model but 14 years later they have only had to call a repair person once after some lightning did a number on our house

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Well, we turn on the AC at the same place as the heat. I think somebody was just trying to help. :)