Saturday, July 30, 2011

The House: I'm not the only dork around here...

I called myself a dork for spending several hours using MS Paint to create a scale imitation of our house. But I'm not the only one overly excited about building these houses!

One guy in our group came to build today wearing a white T-shirt with the words: "Days building" on it and three little tally marks. Another guy showed us his sketch of his lot with the landscaping complete. One girl giddily walked through her storage room when we were placing plastic in the foundation, and told me where she was going to place shelves and every last item she would be filling it with. When we received our packets of tools, one guy started singing Christmas songs and thanked our building manager, calling him "Santa Claus."

Have I mentioned just how excited we all are?

Today was a big day out at the site--the first full Saturday. Cody went out bright and early, arriving at 7:00 AM armed with all kinds of tools, sunscreen, water, and snacks. I spelled him for a few hours in the midday, but then he went back out. We started the framing of the first house. This took screwing down plywood to the foundation, then outer plywood supports to those, raising an interior load bearing wall through the middle of the house (in the basement), and then placing the I-beam floor joists across the top, which will be the floor of the house. When it eventually rolls around to our turn to do this, I will put up lots of pictures. I'm actually quite glad we're not the first house. While it is hard to watch our lot sit there covered in rocks, I know that we will be pro's when it is our turn and it will be done fast and efficiently. That is, if we ever figure out what we're doing... :) With nine houses, we are one of the biggest groups to ever do this project. And I just wanted to remind you, in case you were wondering: everyone in our group builds together. The nine houses are staggered in their build sequences so that there is always work to do. When one house is getting framed, others are having foundations poured by the subcontractors. When one is having cabinets installed, others are being painted. But in the end, we wait for all nine houses to be completed, then there will be a big open-house party, and then (and only then) we can move in. But of course, that is still a long way away.

One bit of semi-related, very very good news: Cody has been moved to a permanent shift on one of his jobs! He now will work mornings, with weekends off. Perfect! He can help build every evening and Saturdays, and we don't have to fret about his schedule changing all the time.


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Wow, I'm very glad to hear about Cody's job schedule. How did you manage that? And, Dad and I could feel the excitement out there yesterday morning. We're planning to go and volunteer again. We had a great time.

Cindy said...

so cool, I wish I were going to learn how to build a house