Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The House: Second "first" day at the site

We finally got to go back to the house today and work! It has been far too long. Several of the foundations have been placed, but our lot is still a pile of rocks. Our next door neighbors get back-filled tomorrow, so the rocks and dirt will be moving soon. Today I went out by myself since Cody had work. My amazing mother was kind enough to stay with the kids. We put big sheets of black plastic in the bottom of a couple houses and hung the window wells (yes, hung, because they are not surrounded by dirt yet). We also got all our tools and chatted a bit with each other, sharing our excitement and worries, thrills and nerves.

One thing I found out to day that has me praying in thanksgiving--the funding for further houses is gone. If we had not been bumped up, we would not have gotten the house. What an amazing blessing! I wish the funding was still available, because this is an amazing program; however, we are grateful for this opportunity and know it is the right thing for us.

Now, we go back Saturday to hopefully start framing. Some people we talked to who have already finished building said this is very much a "hurry up and wait" kind of program. I can already see what they mean. :)


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Your kids were terrific. Katie waited until the kids were fed and bathed before she really got needy. I just didn't have what she really wanted, but then Mom came home.

John and Anna said...

So glad things worked out like they did for you. :)