Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Living in a detour maze

Imagine a big capitol H, lying flat on the ground. The top of the H is to the North, the bottom of the H is to the South. I live on the road that runs through the middle, facing south. The big road to the right(West) of me is closed with major MAJOR construction (turning a 2 lane road into 5, along with laying new pipes and sewer drains through a five mile zone). The big road to the left of me (East) is closed by a flooding river that has been running over the road since early April. What does that mean for us? We are now smack-dab in the middle of a very long, confusing detour maze. It also means that at about six every morning we start the parade of construction trucks, commuters, and recreational motorcyclists. It also makes me totally and completely nervous to use our front yard or park on the street. Getting the mail is scary. And getting out of the driveway during "rush hour" is nearly impossible. I'm really grateful for the fenced in backyard and that our kids are really quite good at listening and not going anywhere near the road. The best news? I get to see Optimus Prime drive down my street every day!

I can't wait to live on the quiet street with a school zone to the West and horse pasture to the East...

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