Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainbows for Minot

Dear Friends:

As you may know, my hometown of Minot, North Dakota recently experienced the worst flooding in its 130 year history. Over 4000 homes were damaged or destroyed, along with numerous businesses and schools. Looking at the images of this beautiful city breaks my heart, and I've been trying to think of ways I could help.

I've decided to do a little fundraiser. For a limited time, I will be selling these rainbow hairbows and donating all profits to Minot Flood Relief.

The bows are made of 100% polyester ribbon, and measure about 2" by 2". (About.) They are $6 each or $10 a pair. There will be a $2 shipping charge to send them to you, no matter how many you order I can deliver them if you live close to me. Again, all proceeds go to Minot Flood Relief.

For an additional $.50 you can add a headband. The headbands are a soft, ruffly elastic ribbon and can be sized to order, so measure the head of the little girl you would like to accessorize. The rainbows will be mounted on either barrettes or alligator clips, and will be removable from the headbands so you can use them separately. I will make all the bows to order, so allow me 2-3 weeks after ordering to get your bow. Since I'm just doing this myself through my blog, please plan to pay with a check (or cash, if you live nearby).

If you would like a bow, please email me at:

Copy and paste, then fill out this information into the email:

Address you want them delivered/sent to:

How many bows would you like to purchase?
Do you want Alligator Clips or Barrettes?
For an additional $.50 each, would you like a headband?
If yes, would you like blue, pink, or white?
How long does the headband need to be? (Inches around, please)

Thank you!


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I don't need hairbows, but would love to help pay for your supplies.

Lisa said...

Mom- If you want to help, you can just make a donation yourself. I don't need help covering the cost of the bows. This is my way of donating my talents, since I can't go to Minot right now to help.

Barett said...


Thanks for sharing this opportunity. I have reposted it on my blog where I encourage others to get involved in philanthropy. I hope you sell a bunch of bows. Good luck!


Aubri said...

Hey! Genius! Can I share this on facebook?