Saturday, August 20, 2011

The House: 3 week update

Last Thursday technically marked the end of our third build week. We are working hard, and seeing a lot of good progress.

First of all, here's what's going on at our house:
(This is the back of the house looking down in. Note the shadows from the metal brackets... I'll talk more about those later.)

The foundation was dug out and placed by the subcontractors. Also new this week: rough plumbing and sewage pipes installed in the basement. There's still a two or three foot hole around the edge of the concrete. First, we go down in the basement and clean off the edges of the walls, so that there's no rubble to detract from the waterproofing.

Also, subcontractors tend to be messy, leaving boxes of empty water bottles and soda cans down in the foundation. That's gotta be cleaned up. (They're fast and do a good job, so we'll forgive them for using our basement as a garbage dump...)

Then, you go around the outside of the house and using a hammer, whack off these little metal brackets that were used to hold up the forms for the concrete while placing. Some are up high and are really hard to get out, but you just keep whacking them until the metal breaks off. See the small metal brackets? I've kept one as a souvenir. I think I'll make a shadow box of all these building materials when I'm done.

Now, time for a full update on where we're out.
House #1: Ready for roof trusses! This means all interior walls have been framed, exterior walls are framed with the fancy offset stud system, sheathing has been installed on the entire exterior, and top plates have also been installed (they support the roof trusses), stairs have been built, and they even have the porch set and garage stairs done.
House #2: Also ready for roof trusses!
House #3: Rim board, basement load bearing wall up, floor joists installed, subfloor installed, stairs built, and just starting the framing of the exterior walls. Also, the owners got engaged. He proposed right there in their garage on Thursday evening. Waaaaah. :D
House #4: starting rim board, which is the wood that is bolted directly to the foundation. You'll learn more about it when it is finally our turn.
House #5: Basement and garage floors are placed.
House #6 (ours): see the first part of this post.
House#7: same status as ours.
House #8: hole dug and footings placed.
House #9: Hole dug.

It's hard work out there. We come home hot and hungry and tired. But it is absolutely amazing. I'm so glad we're doing this.