Friday, August 12, 2011

The House: Getting a foundation

Out of the nine houses in our group, ours is the seventh to get a foundation. (Five are already placed, and there's one next door to ours at the same stage as ours.) So, we know exactly what is going on and have seen it done several times already. But anyway, here's pictures of ours!
Wednesday 8/10: We have footings! Kind of a different angle for the picture of the footings, placed down in the hole. They have to let those dry for a day first. You can see the rebar poking up out of the footings, ready to receive the rest of the foundation. To give you some perspective, the lower right corner of the picture is the garage and behind it is the master bedroom (well, not in the basement, but on the main floor it will be).

Thursday, 8/11: The subcontractors are placing the forms for the foundation. The big truck in the forefront of this picture is holding the forms, but you can see the men placing the forms down in the hole. I'm sure today they are placing the rest of the foundation.

So... week 2 of the build is done. We enjoy building so much. We are making some great friends and love being out there working hard. We now have another house with a subfloor and the first few beginnings of framing. The house we started with is almost ready for roof trusses--with interior walls framed. I'm learning there are a lot of little steps you might not think about. I'm glad we have a few people in our group who have framed before, because I would be lost with out them! I'll go into detail on all these "little steps" later. Until then...


Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Until then, keep up the good work! Looking so great, and what an amazing feeling to know that's going to be all yours, no landlord, all yours!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

You need to have us snap a new photo for your blog. There's only two kids on there!