Friday, August 26, 2011

The House: Window wells and back-fill

One more work week down. This week seemed a little slower. It was really really hot out there--definitely the hottest week of the Summer--and everyone was tired. We even had a few setbacks, but we pushed through it and got some good stuff accomplished. Here are some night pictures:

On our house, we hung the window wells and chalked the garage walls where the floor goes. Once that was done, the subcontractors came in and back-filled, which means they pushed the dirt up around the edges of the foundation.

They also laid a layer of fine gravel on top of the visqueen in the basement. One more layer of protection before the concrete!
Here's a peek down in our cellar. On top of the cellar will be the porch.

Now, week 4 house-by-house update:

House 1 & 2: still waiting for roof trusses. They were delivered on Tuesday and supposed to be installed Wednesday. We were all so excited to see those trusses go up! But on Wednesday we found out the price we were quoted had been raised. The corporation opted to go with a new company, meaning some more paperwork and waiting on the roofs for now.
House 3: subfloor and stairs have been finished and the exterior framing is done. We're just starting the interior framing. It is a new floorplan--new to our group--so it's taken a bit of work to figure it out.
House 4: Rim board has all been installed, the basement load bearing wall is built, and the majority of the floor joists have been put in. This is also one of the new floor plan, which features a new staircase. It's really not a big deal, but it means the stairs have to be done before all the floor joists are done.
House 5: No change since last week.
House 6 (ours!) and House 7: gravel in the basement, window wells, and back-fill done.
Houses 8 & 9: No change since last week.

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

We'll have fun putting shelves on the walls of your cellar. I think we still have that tool that fires nails into the concrete. And I hope that the weather cools down a bit next week.