Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yes, you heard me right, Kindergarten. How is this possible?
I feel pretty proud of myself. The only time I got choked up was during the traditional Father's blessings last night. Today, when I took Lee into his classroom, I barely even waved goodbye. He'd already been swept away by his teachers into the wonderland of learning and fun. He is going to have a BLAST.

Annalisa, on the other hand, is crushed. Well, I mean, as crushed as a two-year-old gets. All the way home she sniffled and pouted that she couldn't go to Kindergarten too. But now that we're home and she realizes she has the whole house and all the toys to herself, she's rallied considerably. Yes, little Anna, there are some major benefits to having a brother in school...

So, that being said, in the words of the big man himself:


Raychel said...

Wow! I wanted to ask you how it went, but it was kind of a crazy day. I hope everything went well for him (and you)!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

A very important day!

Angeli said...

Cute pictures! He is a great looking kindergarten boy!