Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Lady at 5 months

My goodness, how this last month flew by!

Katie is now a whopping 5 months old. She is developing very quickly. This month, she started laughing and is attempting to scoot around on her belly. She has mastered a sort of face-plant-bum-lift that pushes her forward a bit, but since her face is in the ground, she can't see where's she's going. Then she usually gets mad and gives up. But she is learning!

Katie still is breaking our family records for the most clingy and most crying baby. She wants to be held constantly, and absolutely cannot stand to be left alone for any period of time. If I'm doing dishes and set her in her bouncy seat, she has to be pointed so she can see me, or she will wail, even though I haven't even left the room. I'm not exactly sure how to fix this issue, or if I even should. Since she is still less than a year old, I'm not really concerned. I give her as much tummy time as I can every day, and sometimes she just has to wail it out while I get things done. But we both love our snuggle time, so I indulge her a bit too.

I am still so so grateful that she is a good sleeper. It is simply astounding how much I can do when I get a full night's sleep!

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