Friday, September 2, 2011

The House: 5 weeks, 1 month, becoming a blur

We've finished our first month building the houses. We've found a rhythm and the newness has worn off (not the excitement...never the excitement). Fortunately, everyone is getting along beautifully and we all enjoy being out there, even if it is really hard and dirty work.

This week we've split into two official mini-groups, with half of us assigned to work together on one house and the other half on another. Each of us have a trailer full of tools to use, along with our own individual sets of tools. At night, we're noticing the sun setting earlier. We've had to set out the big lights a couple of times and wear our headlamps so we can keep working until 9:30. We know that we only have a few more weeks of hot weather and long daylight, so we're trying to get as much done as possible.

Here's our house-by-house update.
House 1: Got roof trusses this week
House 2: still waiting for the trusses to be installed
House 3: finished interior framing, garage framing and OSB sheathing, top plates in. All ready for roof trusses!
House 4: Floor joists and subfloor finished, stairs framed and almost finished (just needs a few more stairs done), exterior walls almost all placed (just 1 left)
House 5: Garage and basement floors finally poured (it kind of took them a while to do that)
House 6 (ours!) & 7: also got garage and basement floors poured! Yippee!
House 8 & 9: Full foundations placed.

When I look at these week-by-week progress updates, I notice that we really are getting a lot done, even if it feels like we're kind of slow sometimes. It is taking some rearranging and a lot of sacrifice to balance work, school and building. We now eat our big family dinner right when Cody gets off work at about 1. Then he goes and builds in the evening. Cody--you are amazing. Oh, and blessed news--Katie took a bottle well this week! Makes me feel much better about the times I go build.

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