Friday, September 16, 2011

The House: 7 Weeks

Wow, did we ever hit a stride this week! I think everyone could feel the pace pick up. Well, maybe it was just me... but I know I conquered some big fears this week and tried some jobs I never thought I would do.

Over at our house, we have completed the exterior walls and moved on to interior walls. Since we have three awesome framers in our midst, the interior walls fly together. And I do mean fly--flying boards, nails, and in no time, they're flying up. It was a downright madhouse maze yesterday inside! There were three guys laying out walls in different locations, each loading lumber through the windows. A couple of the girls were trying to install all the "energy wall" studs, but toward the end, it just got too insane as we rushed to finish the interior walls before ending. (Which, incidentally, we only missed by 1 2' wall.) My parents came up yesterday, and we continued working on exterior sheathing. It's a lot easier to install when the wall is still laying down. We had to use the 2 story ladder to reach the top of the ply wood. It was kind of precarious. But we did it!

Master Bedroom:
Me in the spacious master closet:

Taking a short break in the front living room window:
Bruce, my neighbor, demonstrating how to properly use a ladder:

Wanna know where each house is now? Okay. For memory's sake. Mom--I've added which team each house belongs to now. We are in team A. We are still one big group, though, sharing expenses and wood, and occasionally tools--but we work separately and only see each other when someone comes over to kife a router or impact drill.

House 1 (team B): The owners returned to their house this week to install roof truss anchors and perpendicular 2x4s that will aid come sheetrocking time, and a few other "small" tasks.
House 2 (team A) &3 (team B): No change from last week (roof in).
House 4(team A): had roof trusses installed and sheathed, and porch and garage concrete stairs placed.
House 5 (team B): interior walls completed, garage framed and mostly sheathed.
House 6 (team A) (ours!): Floor joists in, subfloor in, exterior walls up, interior walls up. I truly think this is the most we've ever done on one house in one week.
House 7 (team A): no change, still just a foundation with a basement and garage floor.
House 8&9 (team B): prepped for cement, with visqueen and tar. I'm not sure if they put on the window wells or not... those are "Team B" houses right now.

Oh, and in case I never mentioned it, here's our normal build hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-9:30 pm; Saturday from 7-7. That's why there's so many night pictures now. The sun set about 7:45 this week. The waning sunlight and the cooling temperatures are just a sign right now of the impending winter... we're hoping to have shingles on before the snow flies. Lots of work to do to get there. We can do it!

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Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Would you mind listing which houses belong to each team?