Friday, September 23, 2011

The House: 8 week update

Look at my roof!!!!

Lots more stuff happening this week. Our teams continue to be broken up as we get some houses prepared for sheetrock and shingles. Our building manager has been asking the homeowners of the fully-framed houses to go back to their own houses to work on lots of little projects. And yes, I'll talk about those when it is our turn.

House 1(B team): pipes run for plumbing, and "little projects" taking place.
House 2(A team): same as house 1. Since the homeowners are from the "A-team," and they've been building at their own house almost this whole week, we've been down to just three families framing. On Wednesday, there were just three of us because we had no volunteers or spouses. But we still work hard.
House 3 (B team): also had a little work done to get ready for plumbing, but pipes aren't run yet.
House 4 (A team): no change from last week.
House 5 (B team): finished framing, had roof placed (Subcontractors do our roof).
House 6 (A team) (ours!): finished framing, finished garage, had roof placed.
House 7 (A team): green plate, rim board, load bearing wall, stairs, floor joists, and almost all the subfloor have been done. We also laid out the back wall, but it isn't sheathed yet.
House 8 (B team): basement and garage floor placed, green plate, rim board, load bearing wall, and some floor joists have been done.
House 9 (B team): basement and garage floor placed.

Next week Cody's schedule changes again and I he gets to go build and I stay home with the kids. I'm glad. It's been lots of fun building every day, but I'm tiiiired. (and have a cold.)


John and Anna said...

Awesome! That's so exciting!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

You were very kind to not make a point of how much more A team did this week than B team. I'm proud of you. You (Lisa) have worked hard these past weeks while Cody has been working. I'm sure he is itching to get back on the building.

Granny D Fifield said...

We stopped by Wednesday and saw you working hard. We didn't have the heart to stop to chat but we are so very proud of you!!!