Thursday, September 29, 2011

The House: 9 weeks/2 months down

We've now been in 35 hrs/week-full-build-mode for 2 months. Our Team A/Team B is barely intact as different home owners have been pulled to work on new projects. We are working hard hard hard and seeing lots of progress, though there is still lots and lots to do. Our projected move-in is in April, though we're all hoping it will be mid-February. Of course, nothing is official yet. It's so far out; we have no clue what will happen between now and then.

So, let's talk about what happened this week.

Everyone (except 7, 8, and 9, which aren't done framing yet): Windows delivered! Check it out in the pictures below. Just delivered, of course. We will install them later.
House 1, 2, 3: plumbing is in, roof trusses have been anchored... I know people have been there building, but I'm not sure what all has happened.
House 4: no change.
House 5 and 6 (ours!): cement garage stairs and cement front porch placed.
House 7 (where we spent our time this week): Exterior and interior framing completed, sheathing on the house done, garage framed and almost all sheathed. There's probably only a couple more hours of work there before it will be ready for roof trusses.
House 8 (Team B working over there this week, minus all the people pulled to get ready for plumbing on other houses): Exterior framing done, starting on interior framing, almost all the exterior sheathing is done.
House 9: no change. It's the last foundation sitting there all lonely and naked. :( We'll be getting to that one very soon, I promise!

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