Saturday, September 17, 2011

The House: Earning our Burgers

Guess what? We're ready for roof trusses!

The house at the beginning of today:

The day we started framing on our house, I made a bet with the rest of the A-Team in complete jest. I told them that if we tied or beat our record for fastest framing on our house, I'd make them all burgers. After that hard build week, I decided we deserved burgers whether or not we actually beat our record. So I made burgs for lunch and took them out to our whole A-team.

In the long run, though, we really did "earn" our burgers. :) But even better news--Both house 5 and house 6(ours!) are fully framed, braced, and ready for roof trusses next week. On Tuesday we will probably get to start framing houses 7 and 8. We are doing awesome!

So what exactly happened at our house today? We finished the "energy wall" studs, put in the top plates (which are a second set of 2x4's on the top of all the walls that help keep them very strong), put "ladder backing" where interior walls meet exterior walls (which is a set of 2x4s that help keep everything strong as well as allow for easier sheetrocking), finished exterior sheathing, and built the ENTIRE garage, from framing to sheathing to the massive header above the garage door, and even did the stairs. The last thing we do is brace all the walls so that they won't budge a sixteenth of an inch when the roof trusses are placed. Before bracing, the walls are still little flexible. The house at the end of the day:
And y'know what else? It even rained today. This is AMAZING!