Monday, October 24, 2011


Something that really brings back memories for me: eating artichokes. When we were kids, on very special and rare occasion, my mom would cook whole (fresh) artichokes. Considering the cost of artichokes, and the youth of us kids, it's no wonder that we would usually share one or two between us kids. We'd savor every bite and the only unhappy words were when someone took even a single petal over their share. And then we'd get down to the tender heart of the artichoke and drool impatiently while mom scraped off the choke and handed us our little forkful that we'd slurp down while wishing there was more. I'll never forget the day we each got our own full artichoke to enjoy ourselves--we felt so grown up and so special and so spoiled!

When I saw artichokes for a dollar apiece at the store, I bought two, thinking that Cody and I would enjoy them and give the kids a few bites to try. HA! They ripped through those artichokes so fast, I had to take a handful of petals to my plate just to have a few.
Even Katie got in on the artichoke fun.
And now, the famous joke:

Arti was a gangbanger trying to work his way up into the mafia. The mob boss gave him a hit list telling him that he'd be payed a thousand bucks a hit, so Arti started following his first victim. They were in the local Safeway grocery store, when the victim rounded a quiet corner and Arti struck, choking him to death. When Arti turned around, he saw the horrified expression of a little old lady dialing 9-1-1 on her phone. Panicking, Arti choked her to death as well just and a second later the police arrived and arrested him. The infuriated mob boss refused Arti's thousand dollars and only paid out one dollar in spite. The newspaper reported the headline the next morning: "Arti chokes two for a dollar at Safeway."



Raychel said...

The last time I had fresh artichokes I made a pizza with them. It took the time to boil, pull everything off, make the pizza crust. Two hours later.... I decided to never do that again with fresh artichokes.

Kathy said...

Lol Raychel. We had artichokes from our garden last spring! We devoured a couple a week for 3 or 4 weeks before they were done. Ben figured out how to eat them and enjoyed them too :). We love them grilled! Slice in half and scrape out the choke. Par-boil for about 15 minutes, then brush with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper flakes if you like spice. Grill 6 min turning once. Oh so tasty!

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

Funny Raychel! You can't eat fresh artichokes that way, only the hearts from a frozen or canned package. The outer leaves are much to hard to chew. But they're wonderful to put your teeth to and scrape off the good stuff.