Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Spiders Hairbow Tutorial

Another hairbow tutorial, since the first one was so fun to make. Please let me know via comment if you try out making your own hair bows--even if you don't know me personally, I'd love to hear from you and see if it worked out okay!
Halloween Spiders Hairbow

-1/2 inch thick black ribbon. For some reason, I can never find solid black in my stores, so I'm using this black and white polka-dot with white trim ribbon. I like it, but use what you can find. Hey, you could even do it in a different color. I've seen some mighty cute pink spiders out there!
-3/8 inch thick ribbon to line the clip (red is shown)
-Alligator clips or barrettes, about 55 mm long
-1/16 inch black grosgrain ribbon
-googly eyes
-1 soft red pom-pom, if desired
-hot glue gun and scissors
1) cut three strips of your black ribbon--one long and two shorter. The long one should be about 3" long, the shorter ones about 2 1/2" long. Wrap them around your fingers so you can get a feel for how big the abdomen of your spider will be. If you want it bigger or smaller, by all means, do it!
2) Pin your strips into circles and glue shut.

3) On your large loop, seam-side down, line the inside right edge with glue and press the outside left edge of a smaller loop into it. Seams together, of course; like shown below. Repeat on the other side, so your big loop is in the middle and the smaller loops are on the sides.

4) The head can be a little tricky, so wrap the ribbon around your fingers and play with it until you get the look you like. You can easily do two small loops glued together just like the abdomen, but here's how I usually do my head: Loop your black ribbon over into a circle, but twist the end ever so slightly so it kind of sticks off to one side. Glue shut, like this:

Then bring your next end back around and glue the back of the head. It almost makes a figure 8, but the loops come forward. Like this:

Then cut off the two loops from the spool of ribbon.

5) Attach two googly eyes to the front of the head. The front is, of course, not where the ends of the ribbon meet up.
6) Line your alligator clip or barrette with ribbon. I like to use red with these spiders, but you can really use any color you like. (I didn't put pictures up of lining a barrette. If you want to see how, look at my pumpkin tutorial.)
7) Now, cut four equal length of the skinny black ribbon and seal each end with a small dab of clear finger nail polish (or burn ever so slightly in a candle) to prevent fraying. These pieces should be about 3" long each. Pinch them together, put a dab of glue in the middle of your lined hair clip, and place the middle of the skinny ribbons right in the glue. Legs!

I swear it's red on that clip, even though it looks very orange

8) Now, glue the abdomen on the back of the clip. On an Alligator clip, make sure the back goes over the thick part where you pinch the clip open. You want him to look like he's about to pounce--not like he's looking up into Heaven. :) Barrettes aren't that particular. Then, glue the head to the front. Glue it both to the clip and too the abdomen, so he really looks put together.
9) The "finishing touch?" Glue a fuzzy red pom-pom into the middle of the abdomen for some visual interest.

Our completed spider bow, ready to adorn the head of any sweet unsuspecting baby!

Also, you could instead put these on a pin for a clever little brooch. We love making our own holiday bows because it's so festive. I'd love to hear from you if you try out this tutorial! Good luck, and happy hair days!


Nicole said...

Love the spider! Thanks for the tutorial!

Sara Calderone said...

I know this is a few years old but thanks super cute!!!