Friday, October 14, 2011

The House: 11 weeks into the build

After last week's storm, the weather has cooled off drastically. Gone are our balmy 80 degree days and working in T-shirts. But we did have sunshine and crisp Fall air this week--and you know what? I think I like it even better. I took cookies out last night and my neighbor B.D. gave me a big hug and said he missed me out building, and I felt so at home and so loved. Our little build group has already bonded so tightly, it feels like family. Have I ever mentioned before how glad I am we chose to build our house this way, and how excited I am to move in? :)

House by house update time! You will start noticing that the houses are not getting worked on "in order" any more. I originally numbered them in the order that we framed them, but they will get roofs on in a new order because of ease in tool placement. That's really what it's always been about--where can we put the tool trailers, where can we put the electricity, etc. But for the sake of continuity, the arbitrary house numbers I've assigned to each house will remain the same. Today, I'll put the first initial of each member's last name so that I can help myself remember the order in the future. Oh, and by the way: we are no longer working in Team A/Team B. With a variety of new jobs, we've been split into even smaller pairs or even single workers, and everyone is everywhere now.

House 1, L: plumbing, bath tubs, furnace and vents all in courtesy of the subcontractors. We put on the tar paper/roof underlayment and the tyvek house wrap.
House 2, P: no change.
House 3, K/C: plumbing and furnace also all done, and tar paper/roof underlay went up last night.
House 4, H. & House 5, C/J: Roof blocking, truss anchors, basement fire blocking, non-essential framing done. This is all stuff we do. You see, when we framed the main floor, we skipped a few non-essential walls so that we could get the roofs on faster. Those walls are now being built. You'll be hearing more about that soon as it gets to our house. These two houses are now ready for plumbing and furnaces.
House 6, S. (ours!): Roof blocking done... which I forgot to take a picture of. We basically cut 2x6's and place them on top of the walls, between the roof trusses, so that there's plenty of wood for the sheetrock to drill into. Also: some of the non-essential basement framing is being done.
House 7, D.: Roof on (of course that's a subcontractor job, as you already knew).
House 8, G: Finished all interior and exterior framing and sheathing, including the garage. Roof on.
House 9, L: Almost done framing. There's still a little bit of work that needs to be done on the garage. We're probably about four hours shy of finishing that house's framing--and then the major framing will be DONE!

Also delivered this week: front and back doors! Next week will continue to be a big one of change and learning new things. We had a Tyvek crew get trained this week and we also had a couple of roofing crews get trained. Next week, we'll be doing Tyvek and roof underlay and starting shingles, and we'll also have some people be starting placing windows and exterior doors. Our first goal was to finish the framing before it snowed. We made it! Wahoo! Now our next goal is to get the shingles on before the weather gets really bad... although it will probably snow a little bit before we can finish all 9 houses. Once we get the shingles on, the windows and doors in, and the rock on the outsides, we'll be able to be inside the houses. Even without a furnace running it will be warmer inside, so that is an exciting prospect.

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