Friday, October 21, 2011

The House: 12 weeks and rolling

This week has been one of the funnest (for me, at least) of the whole build thus far. We finished the ninth house with the framing, and so we have all moved on to new jobs. We have two guys assigned to putting on roof underlay/tar paper, three guys (including Cody) assigned to windows, two on doors, two continuing on "clean up" (keep reading for that) and all the girls have been working on Tyvek house wrap. It is a blast to work with different people, and to see lots of progress done each day. Because each of these jobs only take a few hours per house, we're moving around a lot more than we were while we were framing. It is really refreshing to see stuff get done each day. Like I said, FUN!

At our house, we completed our "clean up." And by clean up, I don't mean just sweeping the floor. I mean cleaning up the last few framing jobs before plumbing, electrical, and eventually sheetrock.

First, we take these metal brackets called truss anchors and put them on every other truss, but it is staggered between front and back of the house... weird to explain. Impossible to take a picture of. If you want to know more, come visit. :D The anchors are the diamond-shaped metal brackets shown.

One option we have is to use extra wood to put additional stud backing anywhere in the house. We put some behind where doors will open, to reinforce where the doorknob hits the wall and hopefully prevent holes; also we put some above every window where curtains go, behind towel racks and behind were we hope to hang TVs. Since these are not part of the floor plan, we had to come in on extra hours and do it ourselves. Of course we were perfectly willing to do that!
Another little "clean up" job was the blocking on the ceiling. Anywhere a wall ran parallel to the roof trusses, they needed extra blocks of wood to sheetrock. So those had to be measured and placed every two feet, like this:
Not pictured: another wall in the basement had to be framed. We skipped that wall in the original framing because we wanted to get the roofs on before the snow came. There was also some fire blocking put into the load bearing wall, and then a good sweeping with a push broom and one last check to make sure everything is done. We are ready for our plumbing and hope it comes soon.

Also done on our house: Roof underlay! We have two types of paper that goes on the roof, and certain areas need a double layer. No rain seepage for us. Nope nope nope.

And lastly, we had some people put on the Tyvek House wrap (I suppose I shouldn't call it Tyvek... the brand is "Code Wrap"), and we even had some of our doors put in. In this picture, we have 2 guys working on the back French door, and 5 girls working on house wrap. Cody said more doors got in besides just that one, but it was dark so he didn't take a picture.
So... after all that, here's where each house is standing at the end of 12 weeks building:

House 1, 2, 3: Roof underlay, House wrap completed, all windows and exterior doors are in. These houses are now water tight!
House 4: subcontractors did plumbing. House wrap almost done, roof underlay done, exterior doors on, starting windows.
House 5: House wrap almost on, but no roof underlay quite yet. Exterior doors on.
House 6 (ours!): "Clean up" finished, house wrap almost all done, roof underlay done, most of the exterior doors on.
House 7: Roof underlay on, house wrap started, working on "clean up" there.
House 8: No change from last week (all framed, roof on, waiting for inspections to be done)
House 9: Finished framing, subcontractors put on the roof trusses and sheathing.

One random tidbit: I'm the secretary for our group, which means I calculate the hours everyone is putting in and submit them to the corporation every week. Sum total man hours put in by our group, through the whole 12 week build so far: 4548.25. We're over 1100 hours above the minimum required.

Finally, want to know the best way to motivate a bunch of people to do construction? FOOD! :)


Kathy said...

This is very exciting to watch! Great work :)

Laurie/Mom/Grandma said...

I'm thinking that all the new groups should have access to your blog posts. This has been so very informative and helpful. I'm excited to see it again.