Thursday, October 27, 2011

The House: Week 13

This week I traded out my sunscreen, bug spray, cooler, and sunglasses for thermal underwear, extra socks, a thermos of hot soup, and ear muffs.

Name of the game this week: the dry-in. I tried to look up an official definition, and in my twenty-second Google search I didn't find anything. So I'm making up my own. When a house is dried-in, it is, well, dry! That's not to say there aren't still things going on the outside. The items that truly keep the house dry are the roof underlay, the house wrap, and the windows and doors. Siding, soffits, gutters, shingles, all of course do their part, but for all intents and purposes of this blog, when I say "Dry-In" I mean the aforementioned. (Roof underlay, ALL windows and exterior doors, and completed house wrap.)

Cody worked more on windows this week. He's getting very good at making them perfectly level so that they will open and close easily. I learned that when windows are hard to close it's not because of the track: it's because they're not straight. Funny Cody story: Cody, his dad, R.G., and I were putting in windows on House 5. On the last window, they got it caulked with silicone and lifted it to put it in, when they realized it didn't fit in the frame. So they pulled it down and realized that the wall had been framed incorrectly and would need a fix before the window could be installed. Cody then scraped off all the silicone into his hands and RAN from House 5 to our house, which is over a block away and smeared all the silicone onto the next window so that they "wouldn't waste it... It's still good!" silly silly Cody. I just hope there's no dirt or hairs or anything in that silicone... Incidentally, the mis-framed window took a few hours to fix, but it is fine now.

This week I worked more on house wrap and helped Cody with windows. We had other small crews working on roof underlay, "clean up" framing, exterior doors, the trim that goes around the garage door, and probably more things that I forgot.

Another silly story from this week: When we were originally touring the neighborhood, we liked this kind of olive-green siding color, but there's a house across the street from us that has already picked it, so we went with blue. We asked our next-door neighbors (House 2, P) what siding color they picked, and guess what they told us? "We liked that green, but since it's across the street, we went with blue!" I didn't think it would be a huge issue, since the blue is pretty neutral, and we have different floor plans, different stone, etc. But our neighbors thought about it a while and decided to change their siding color. There's a $50 change fee for this kind of thing, and I was going to offer to pay half since it was mostly our fault the P's wanted to change their house color... but when they told our program manager about the situation and how we'd have matching houses next door to each other, he waived the fee. So now we won't be matchers any more, and I think the P's are happier with their choice (at least, I hope they are!).

OK. enough rambling. Where are we now, after 13 weeks of hard work?
House 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (ours!): DRIED IN!
House 7, 8, 9: House wrap, roof underlay all done. They were still being framed when windows and doors were delivered, so they didn't get theirs delivered yet. Once those get delivered, we'll get right on it.
House 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 (ours!), and 7: Shingles delivered. Subcontractors have been out working on heating and plumbing in several houses, but it's kind of been all over the place. They'd been on vacation for a few weeks, but now we're catching up. We have to have plumbing and heating vents in before we can shingle, since they go through the roof. Once the houses are dried in and the floo and plumbing vents in, they're ready to shingle. So, obviously, we've got to get these houses going! We're hoping to shingle a house in about 2 nights (or 1 Saturday). We have an overall goal to get all the shingling done on all 9 houses, before Thanksgiving. Of course, we won't all be on a roof; we'll have smaller teams doing stone or other jobs while there are people on the roofs.

On to another week!

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