Friday, October 7, 2011

The House: Week 10 and bad weather

We all knew it would happen. Mostly we're just grateful that we got a solid two months without weather problems. But the bad weather finally arrived--cooler, and rainy. It's supposed to clear up next week, but it set us back a bit this week.

To compensate, Cody and I and his sister and mom went to our house on Monday for Family Home evening and put in a little work. We installed most of our roof truss anchors--which are metal brackets that hug both the trusses and the load bearing walls and are nailed down with special nails. Also, we put some extra studs in the walls where the doors will open, behind shower curtains, and other places we might like. We also picked up a bunch of big rocks and put them in the bottom of our window wells to assist drainage.

This week, here's what happened:
House 1 & 2: plumbing in, including bath tubs. (no sinks, of course.) The subcontractors are also working on the heating ducts. Tar paper has been delivered, ready for the roof.
House 3: no change. (plumbing done)
House 4 & 5: Similar to ours, people have been putting in truss anchors, extra studs, and doing some extra framing in the basement. Getting ready for plumbing, electrical, and heating work.
House 6 (ours!): see above. That little bit of work we did on Monday was all that happened.
House 7: Roof on.
House 8: Interior framing almost done, garage almost all done. Hopefully we can finish that one up on Saturday with plenty of hours to spare to get started on roofing.
House 9: Bearing wall, green plate, rim board, and floor joists are in. Then we got stalled by the rain.

Yesterday we took the rainy day and turned it into a clean-up day. We needed it, I'm afraid. There was wood everywhere. We filled a coupleb of dumpsters and then put the rest in big piles. All usable pieces have been moved to the houses still being framed. We're trying to use every little piece so we can return as much as possible and stay under budget. At the end of this whole process, any budget we have left over we can use toward landscaping, air conditioning, sprinkler systems, or even just to pay down the principal of our loan. Also, hopefully the weather won't be such a setback. Once we're working under the roofs, we can brave the rain. It's just this framing that is tricky--it really needs to be dry to use the big power tools. Water + electricity = not good things.

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