Friday, November 11, 2011

8 months old

Today Katie is 8 months old! My how time flies! I like looking back at my monthly posts about her and seeing her developmental progress.

This month Katie likes to stand up more than she likes to sit down. She won't hold still unless she's asleep, and even then she moves around. She will pull herself to a stand on anything she can grab, including mom's pant leg, or a scooter Anna is trying to drive, or even just a pillow on the ground. She's getting better balance at it every day, and only needs to hold on with one hand to stay steady. She also likes to dance when she's standing, and is getting better about sitting on her bum instead of face planting when it's time to get back down.

Katie has two new little friends in her mouth now, and boy are they sharp! She hasn't bit mom yet, which we hope stays that way. Teething has been kind of hard for her, and she's been drooly and grumpy. Anything that touches her hand goes immediately to her mouth.

Speaking of going to her mouth, Katie has taken a serious liking to solid foods, as long as she can feed herself. She hates having a spoon jabbed at her face, so we do a clever little dance of letting her hold her own spoon. It takes a lot of concentration to feed Katie a bowl of baby food! She also likes to eat little bites of cooked vegetables, bread, rice, pasta, or her little "baby treats." She also loves drinking from a cup, when she gets the opportunity.

Katie is a fast crawler and wants to be where the action is. As I'm typing this, Katie is trying to get in the bedroom where Lee and Anna are playing. They keep closing the door so she can't see them, and every time they do, she cries. Then they open the door, and she's happy as can be.

Katie handles being away from mommy pretty well. The acceptance of solid foods and the ability to crawl really helps her to be independent. While I spend as much time as I possibly can caring for my children, we're also trying to build a house and I occasionally need some alone time (Heaven forbid!). It's good to know that she can be happy when someone else is in charge.

Lastly, something very cute that Katie does and is unique to her: we call it "sniffy nose." She scrunches up her lips, squints her eyes, and breathes nosily through her nose. Then she smiles. It makes us laugh every time!

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John and Anna said...

She's adorable! I love to read your updates on your cute kids and your house. Which looks awesome by the way!