Saturday, November 19, 2011

*end* of this week

Wow. It has been a big week, and my list feels rather untouched. I'm going to re-post it now, after a week of work and with my changes. Maybe after I do that I'll realize that I haven't wasted this week away, and I'll be proud of myself for what I did do.

-Finish shingling our roof, and also try to put in extra hours at the house, especially Saturday 11/19 *DONE!
-Do laundry *Done
-Clean house *Absolutely NOT done. But, we have been doing the dishes and I did get a chance to sweep and mop the floors and scrub the bathrooms. So right now it is just cluttered.
-Find volunteers to build next week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday 11/26 *Done
-Return some clothes to Kohl's and maybe get myself a new shirt *Done, though I didn't get myself a new shirt... I did one better. New pants. Aaah.
-Finish 2 Christmas projects *Done, and can I just brag about how awesome they all turned out?
-Wrap 3 Christmas presents *Wish it were done, but I lost the tape.
-Find GF graham crackers *Removed from my to-do list when my sister Kathy found them for me.
-Pack suitcases for a 5 day vacation *Kids clothes have been packed. Nothing else though. :/
-clean the van and kid's carseats *So close to done! I have the van emptied of all the crud and was about 3/4 of the way through vacuuming it when Katie was jumped on by two little hooligans and I realized my opportunity to finish it had just passed. Hopefully that opportunity will come back before Monday.
-Make bread, probably twice. *Gave up on this one... hey, something's gotta give. We mostly ended up eating chicken nuggets and pizza this week.
-Find someone to pick up time cards *Done

Other things that weren't on my list but still got completed:
-A massive-o shopping trip in a horrible snow storm to get all of our trip supplies
-Everyone was fed, everyone was bathed, everyone was clothed... well, mostly clothed. okay. I admit it. Anna and Katie barely made it out of their PJ's every day and Cody spent the week in sweats, and I think Lee kept putting on dirty pairs of socks that he would hide at the foot of his bed at night. THERE! I said it!
-I snuck out to see Breaking Dawn at midnight on Friday with my sister Sara.
-I only lost it about four times. Pretty good, I'd say, trying to plan and pack for a week-long vacation with 3 kids while my husband worked 60 hours plus this week.

We all have a tendency to set way too high of goals for ourselves. A thought I've had a lot recently is: Decrease your expectations and increase your gratitude. Instead of being frustrated that so much didn't get done, I need to be grateful for everything that did get done. And, I need to be very grateful that I still have Sunday and Monday morning to finish the packing!


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Granny D Fifield said...

Good luck Lisa. We think your wonderful!!!

Kristin said...

I think you got super lots done. Remember the place your traveling to has a washer/dryer and I bet you can use them so you only have to pack for like 3 days each! This probably would have helped when you were packing although I suspect you're ready to walk out the door right now!