Thursday, November 10, 2011

The House: 15 Weeks

This week has been kind of slow. On Saturday--our biggest work day--there was an inch of fresh snow everywhere that kept us wet and very cold. I took Cody and the crew lunch on Saturday, and when I got there, Cody was soaking wet and half frozen to death. He'd been installing drip lip without brushing the snow off the roof first. He used his rock climbing gear to harness himself to the roof, and he was just sliding back and forth to get where he needed. So, I ended up trading him pants and buying him a package of socks just so he could dry off and get warm. Yes, that did mean that I drove home with a baby blanket over my lap. :)

Things we've been working on this week: Cody has been the lone man on the drip lip job. Then we have two small teams of roofers, a small team of guys doing scratch coat (the first coat of mortar on the front of the houses where the stone goes), and the girls have been working on the metal frame work, the black tar paper and mesh backing for the stone.

Meanwhile, we did have some good work done by our subcontractors this week--and it's a good thing too. Cody went out for a few non-required hours on Monday simply because the weather was good. He talked to our plumbers and heating guys, and they promised us all nine houses would be ready to roof very soon. It's been good to see the plumbers out there, since they've been MIA for a month or so.

Here's where the houses are:
House 1: Shingles finished, scratch coat on for stone.
House 2: Shingles almost finished, scratch coat on for stone.
House 3: Shingles about 3/4 done, scratch coat on.
House 4: Drip lip done, mesh framework for stone on.
House 5: drip lip done, plumbing done, heating vents done.
House 6 (ours!): plumbing done
House 7: Shingles started, drip lip done, plumbing done
House 8 & 9: drip lip done, plumbing and heating vents cut through roof so we can shingle

*At this point, all 9 houses are either getting shingled, or are ready for shingles. To be ready for shingles, they must have tar paper/roof underlay down, drip lip on, and have the plumbing and heating vents run through the roof.

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