Friday, November 18, 2011

The House: 16 weeks building

I called it: last Friday's big volunteer push really revived spirits and got us excited again. Consequently, this has been a great week!

Saturday morning, which is the first day of our build week, dawned rainy, which turned to snow about ten in the morning. We simply can't roof with any type of precipitation, so our building manager told us not to come in until the weather cleared at about 2. It was actually really nice to have a few hours to take naps and play with Daddy, especially considering that he's been going out to build every available moment. Cody has been very dedicated, and the past two weeks has put in a total of about eighty hours at the site. We've been watching the weather like hawks and try to be building whenever the weather permits, whether it's a required day or not--even having dinner and FHE at the house on Monday so that Daddy could work into the night. We miss him and his hands are all scratched up, but he's been able to get a lot done and we are that much closer to a home of our own!
Driveway cutout!
Here's where the houses are at now:
House 1: rough electrical done (still tented for stone), back porch poured
House 2: back porch poured, Roof finished
House 3: Roof Finished, tented for stone
House 4: Roof started and finished
House 5: heating vents and furnace in, Roof started and nearly finished
House 6 (ours!): heating vents started, back porch poured, Roof started and finished
House 7: Roof started and finished
House 8: black tar paper on for stone
House 9: no change

Today, Friday 11/18, we have no required hours and it's also rainy--which is great. Tomorrow will probably clear up. It's good to have an excuse to spend a day getting ready for our vacation. Now, time for a quick story. As you all know, we're supervised by a licensed contractor, our supervisor Brent. He's a good guy and his primary job is to teach us what to do and to make sure we don't make mistakes (or at least fix them when we do). We asked him if we had a general time frame for when we'd be done. He's estimating mid-April, and roughly around this schedule: Finishing Roofing--Mid-December; Finishing stone work and all exterior--Mid-February; Finishing interiors and the open-house--mid-April. At first we were all kind of depressed at this news. But I'd much rather look at is as a challenge. He thinks it will take 4 more weeks to finish the roofing--let's prove him wrong! 9 weeks to rock? Let's do it in 8 or less! Already we're ahead of his little schedule. We have less than 3 houses to shingle now, and that won't take four weeks. But anyway, that's the "plan" as of now. Good thing to have for posterity.

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